IV Therapy – Blood Withdrawal

IV Therapy – Blood Withdrawal


This course is approved by the State of California (BVN/PT) Board for LVNs. RNs may also take this course to learn or refresh their skills. This is a 36-hour course, as required by the BVN, which consists of four-9 hour days. The BVN requires 3 live sticks for blood draw and 3 live sticks for IV start.

The Instructor, Dr. Darling Paul-Richiez, has over 20 years of IV experience: “I promise to teach you all my tricks for finding good veins and easy IV starts!”

 NEXT CLASS:  Classes organized for groups only.

We must have a minimum of 10 people to provide the IV Course.  If you have a group interested in the course, please call us at 619-501-5511 to discuss scheduling a course.

Course dates are subject to Group and Instructor availability!  Call us we will try to schedule dates that work for your group!

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